Our Mission

ORGANIZING, supervising and developing World Championship sanctioned by World Dance Council, a world organism that represents more than 60 Countries.

DEVELOPING the infrastructures all over Quebec and Canada.

INTEREST new financial partners.

Our Vision

RECOGNIZE Quebec and Canada as the site of choice to receive an annual championship of the world. Recognition based on the quality of organization and exclusive hospitality which differ from other countries.

PROMOTE dancesport competitions in order to develop a competitive level high enough to compete globally.

To this day, the Productions Mondial Danse inc. has organized the first World Championships World Dance Trophy for the WDC in 2007. The World Championship World Amateur Medalist at the World Dance Council in 2008.

The World Championship of Professional 10 Dance World Dance Council in 2009. We are currently working to organize the World Championship Professional Standard of the World Dance Council in 2010. And we have again the World Championship Professional 10 Dance World Dance Council in 2011 and 2012